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Facts about Prepaid Credit Cards – Credit Card Advice

Britain struggles under the weight of historic debt caused in part by the banks irresponsible lending policies and the public’s belief that they could control their high mortgage costs, credit card debts and loan repayments. Credit card providers in the past have issued new credit card agreements to anyone and everyone without conducting proper financial […]

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Britain last saw zero inflation in1960!

Inflation has fallen to its lowest rate since 1960 and now stands at 0%. The inflation rate is calculated from the prices of a range of different goods and services selected to represent average spending patterns in the UK. There are two different methods of calculating inflation The retail prices index (RPI) is intended to […]

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The more the Government spends the shorter the recession – Money Expert

In today’s climate of recession meltdown it is difficult not to scaremonger or upset anyone when analysing the world around us, the consequences to each of us and the impact of the debt our children might one day inherit. Are the changes that have been implemented by the government and the Bank of England really […]

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Government helps homeowners with new Mortgage Support | Mortgage News

Latest forecast by the British Chamber of Commerce suggests that unemployment figures could rise to ten percent or around 3.1 million people during this year 2009. According to Credit Action personal debt in Britain today stands at almost £1.456 billion in November and the amount of debt has surged ahead of the country’s gross domestic […]

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British Savers hit Hard by Bank of England’s Decision! | Mortgage Expert

Yesterdays announcement by the Bank of England delivered an unexpected statement that they were cutting their base rate by 1½% from 4.5% to 3%.  It has been done to kick start our stalling economy and to try and prevent a deepening recession. Everyone was expecting a ½%; but, we all hoped for a full 1% […]

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Interest Rate Cuts by Desperate Men Seeking Desperate Solutions!

Are The Interest Rate Cuts Welcome? Yesterday’s unprecedented announcement from the Prime Minister Gordon Brown that The Bank of England had cut the UK interest rate by 0.5% has been welcomed by everyone. The mortgage interest rate has fallen from 5% to 4.5% which is great news for everyone. Further news that the US and […]

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