Car Insurance | Top Tips for Saving Money on Your Car Insurance

Save Money on Your Car Insurance

One area where most of us could easily save ourselves hundreds of pounds each year is with our car insurance. As we all know, the economy is still in a dire state and with the cost of living rising fast, it seems everyone is looking for ways to save money.  You may think you have the best deal for your motor but there are a few simple ways in which you can reduce your car insurance policy and save yourself a few quid!

Pay Your Car Insurance Yearly

car InsuranceWe all have to deal with expensive bills throughout the year, from council tax to gas to rent, and so when your motor insurance bill arrives it can be tempting to pay it monthly to save yourself a big payout. However, if you pay it monthly over the year you will be charged a high rate of interest and end up paying more than if you pay the bill in one go. It may seem a big cost at the time but you will save a lot of money over the course of the year.

Get the Right Car Insurance

Getting a car insurance policy can be complicated and there are many different types of insurance levels to choose from. It is crucial to make sure you are only getting the cover you need with your motor insurance quote, whether that be third party, fully comprehensive or multi car. You don’t want to end up paying to insure extra drivers you don’t need to or getting more cover than you want.

Avoid Adding On Extras

Similarly, when you are getting your car insurance quote you may be sold a number of extras, such as breakdown cover, roadside assistance and courtesy car cover. All of these will add a lot of extra cost to your insurance premium and so make sure you only get the ones you actually need and don’t pay for services you will likely never use.

Raise your Excess Cover

It is of course tempting to set yourself a low excess cost so that you are not paying a huge amount out if you do have an accident. However, the more you pay after an accident the less the insurer has to and therefore they can give you a lower premium. This will leave you open to large costs if you have an accident, but will save you money on your insurance.

Don’t Crash

Of course the main way to save money on your insurance premiums is to lower them by never making a claim. Obviously easier said than done but avoid accidents and your quotes will fall on their own. For any small dings and dents you can always pay for them yourself, rather than claiming on your car insurance to avoid tarnishing your no claims bonus.

So there you have it, follow these tips and you will surely save yourself a good chuck of money on your car insurance premiums. Your thoughts, experiences and comments about your Car Insurance are welcome below.

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