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Facts about Prepaid Credit Cards – Credit Card Advice

Britain struggles under the weight of historic debt caused in part by the banks irresponsible lending policies and the public’s belief that they could control their high mortgage costs, credit card debts and loan repayments. Credit card providers in the past have issued new credit card agreements to anyone and everyone without conducting proper financial […]

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Four ways to help you get out of Debt | Debt Management

The United Kingdom personal debt today stands at £1,458 billion and the government intend to increase their debt to £175 billion this year and similar figures for the next three years. The latest figures available from Credit Action this month suggests that the average household debt is £59,765 including mortgages, £1.02 billion will be spent […]

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Are your debts out of control? Don’t ignore the warning signs

If you developed a strange rash that just wouldn’t go away, you’d visit your doctor – but it’s amazing how many people who listen to health warnings don’t do the same when it comes to wealth warnings. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to monitor your debt levels to prevent a slide into the financial […]

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Mortgage Borrower buy’s Schnoodle with money saved on low interest rates

Buying a Schnoodle I was talking with some clients last night and they happened to mention how they had more money at the end of each month since the interest rate had dropped from 5% to ½ %.  As a money saving expert I wanted to know what they were doing with their new found […]

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Government to Crackdown on the Credit Card Industry

It looks likely that the government will soon introduce legislation to crackdown on the credit card industry. Proposed legislation will hopefully put a stop to credit card companies increasing credit limits without a direct request from the customer. In the past credit card providers have increased the amount a client can borrow by just writing […]

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Credit crunch means talking about money and the lack of it

The new British debate is the Recession It’s not difficult to get involved with the debate about the credit crunch and the current national and global recession.  Gordon Brown the Prime Minister is the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer and he is well remembered for his continuous chanting of the word ‘prudent’ whenever he was delivering […]

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Credit card, loan and mortgage debts wiped out legally | Money saving Advice

BBC Panorama – “Won’t Pay, Can’t Pay” Last night the BBC One showed a Panorama programme called “Won’t Pay, Can’t Pay” where they investigated openly about finance agreements being flawed and unenforceable and how a couple had exploited loopholes in the law to have thousands of pounds worth of debt written off legally.  They showed the […]

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Greedy City Bankers!

It’s astounding, time is fleeting and still they are bleating about the mis-management of the banks. Yesterday the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his Chancellor Alistair Darling agreed to the £37billion requested by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Lloyds TSB and the Halifax. We are told repeatedly that they have not nationalised these banks, but […]

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Finding A Remortgage Just Got A Lot More difficult!

Finding A Remortgage In today’s Market Breaking news from the Halifax Bank who are reporting a 13% drop in house prices for the last year. They claim that the current house price drop is the fastest and the largest house price drop they have ever recorded. The Halifax says that the monthly house price drop […]

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Age of Responsibility

We are getting a raw deal. It seems that the banks have succeeded in socialising their bad debt and poor management ability on the backs of ordinary working people and in the process they have now thrown us head long into spiralling unemployment, rising food and utility costs, along with a future of uncertainty, not […]

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