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Negative Equity Mortgages Return After Twenty Years

Negative Equity Mortgages Return The return of negative equity mortgages has become widespread again due to the collapse in the housing market which happened due to the global downfall of the banking system. The last time we saw mortgaged property worth less than the amount borrowed to purchase them was back in the late eighties. […]

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Buy-to-Let Landlords see their property investments hit by this recession – Mortgage Advice

Some Buy-to-Let landlords have been hardest hit by the current downturn in the economy and are losing properties by three times the rate of ordinary homeowners. Landlords saw the housing boom as an easy way to make money and many felt that the property boom would never end or so they thought. It seems that […]

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How to claim Mortgage Rescue Scheme, Support Mortgage Interest and Homeowner Mortgage Support

The government has recently promoted three new schemes to help struggling homeowners that have insufficient money in savings accounts to help support their mortgage repayments when faced with a loss of income. The schemes are aimed at homeowners that may be unable to keep up their mortgage payments for one reason or another. It maybe […]

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How to apply for the Government Mortgage Rescue Scheme – Mortgage Advice

The effect of the global economic downturn is having serious consequences for homeowners through out the UK. Homeowners with families are worried about not being able to pay their mortgage commitments as their jobs are affected by the recession. Expert advice and help is being sought by people from all walks of life that are […]

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Four ways to help you get out of Debt | Debt Management

The United Kingdom personal debt today stands at £1,458 billion and the government intend to increase their debt to £175 billion this year and similar figures for the next three years. The latest figures available from Credit Action this month suggests that the average household debt is £59,765 including mortgages, £1.02 billion will be spent […]

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Should you consider a sale and rent back?

The number of homes being repossessed by mortgage lenders rose by 54% to 40,000 according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). The Financial Services Authority (FSA) recently reported that house arrears had surged forward by 31%. As the credit crunch bites ever deeper people who are struggling to pay their mortgages are searching for […]

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Tenants, Beware of Buy-to-Let landlords when renting

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has released figures this month that show a sharp rise in homes being repossessed. The figures show that 40,000 people lost their homes last year which is up from 26,200 in 2007. These figures also included buy-to-let repossessions from landlords with buy-to-let mortgages and landlords who are renting out […]

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Home buying is at the lowest level for 34 years

The Council of Mortgage Lenders says that in 2008 there were 46% fewer first-time buyers than in 2007. Those first-time buyers that did get on the housing market were reported to have put down a 22% deposit on their new home. Estate Agents and Mortgage brokers would like to forget 2008 as it was probably […]

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Are homebuyers being frozen out of the mortgage market?

The number of homes changing hands fell to a record low in December despite an increase in the number of buyer enquiries having risen for the second month in a row according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).  They also said that sales are at their lowest levels since records began in 1978. […]

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Government helps homeowners with new Mortgage Support | Mortgage News

Latest forecast by the British Chamber of Commerce suggests that unemployment figures could rise to ten percent or around 3.1 million people during this year 2009. According to Credit Action personal debt in Britain today stands at almost £1.456 billion in November and the amount of debt has surged ahead of the country’s gross domestic […]

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Mortgage gloom set to continue through 2009

In the last two months I have seen nine clients all wishing to remortgage their homes. Some of my clients are at the end of a mortgage deal, others are looking to consolidate their expensive secured loans, unsecured loans and credit card debts into an affordable mortgage deal. Whilst some clients are looking for a […]

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Homeowners 2-year Mortgage holiday debt nightmare?

Gordon Brown could not wait to upstage the Queens’ Speech by releasing his governments’ latest initiative to the MPs in the House of Commons. He announced that mortgage borrowers who suffered from a drop in income would be able to defer their mortgage interest payments for up to two years. This initiative was agreed by […]

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UK Mortgage Market expected to be stagnant for three years

The Treasury Department has commissioned Sir James Crosby, the former chief executive of HBOS, owner of the Halifax and the Bank of Scotland to carry out a report on the mortgage market. His report suggests that he feels the mortgage market will be paralysed until 2010 as there will be a shortage of mortgage finance […]

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To sell your home or be Repossessed? | Debt Management

Home repossessions in the UK are at a 12 year high. The recently privatised Northern Rock Bank is repossessing 50% more homes than the mortgage industry average. Ouch! In order to avoid repossession you need to talk to your mortgage lender as soon as you realise that you cannot afford your mortgage payments. The reason […]

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