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A Simple Guide To Home Ownership For The First Time Buyer

Your First Steps As A First Time Buyer To Successful Home Ownership The biggest problem facing a first time buyer is getting a mortgage and being able to afford the repayments. Obtaining any mortgage has become very challenging since August 2007. Prior to August 2007 all  lenders were only to happy to lend money to […]

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How Will You Pay Your Interest-only Mortgage Off?

Interest-only Mortgage: Can You Pay Your Mortgage Off?

560,000 Homeowners Have An Interest-only Mortgage During the last decade more and more homeowners choose to opt for an Interest-only Mortgage as a way of affordably financing their homes as house prices increased. Lenders have in the past allowed interest-only mortgages even though most mortgage borrowers did not have a satisfactory repayment vehicle to pay […]

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Mortgage Guide – Explains The Different Mortgage Products

The Mortgage Dilemma First time mortgage buyers and homeowners looking to remortgage their homes find the world of mortgaging very daunting. Finance lenders offer a variety of mortgage products that do different things like the Leeds Building Society. Homeowners often feel they should know what kind of interest rate deals they want when speaking to […]

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Homes Repossessed | Another Solution to Having Homes Repossessed

Update on Homes Repossessed This recession has seen its fair share of people having their homes repossessed and the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) have predicated an increase of 20% on 2011 repossession figures. This brings the total number of homes repossessed this year to around 45,000 homes. The CML believe this is due to […]

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Equity Release | Discover Four Main Types Of Equity Release Mortgages

As Property Values Rise Equity Release Looks More Interesting Over the last couple of decades people have seen the value in their homes rise by unprecedented levels. The longer you have owned a property the more this rise in value will be apparent. And people often include the value of their property as part of […]

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It’s Outrageous How 1 Million Empty Homes Lie Unoccupied

One Million Empty Homes Lie Vacant The one million empty homes are uninhabitable properties, properties waiting on demolition, council properties that have been boarded up after re-housing the tenants, housing association properties that are boarded up, flats above shops that are unoccupied and private properties that have been left vacant by their owners. The value […]

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Negative Equity Mortgage | Help Is Now Available For Borrowers

Lloyds Banking Group has launched a mortgage product aimed at the Negative Equity Mortgage borrowers that have a mortgage with no capital in their property and they need to move home. This comes as inflation rockets, growth in the economy falls below zero and Mervyn King the Governor of the bank of England recently informed […]

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