Clear Your Credit Card Debts, Legally!

Have you ever thought of taking your credit card providers to court to get them to legally write off your credit card debt? Some people have and they have won their cases and had their credit card debts written off AND they have received compensation.

This is not Debt Management, an IVA or Bankruptcy. There are companies in the United Kingdom that can legally wipe out credit card debts. In most cases the solicitors will also claim back the outstanding credit card debit; and all the payments and the interest that was paid over the term of the invalid credit card contract, when it is cancelled by the credit card providers. The Solicitors and the companies involved are paid by the credit card companies when the contracts are proven to be invalid.

Basically, the solicitors can prove that the vast majority of finance agreements which fall under the realms of the consumer credit act 1974 and other associated finance acts are not valid and therefore unenforceable. The Solicitors need to first identify if any of the issues exist with your Credit Card providers before pursuing a claim for an unenforceable credit agreement. Not every credit card is flawed.

It is not just Credit Cards that come under the 1974 Consumer Credit Act. It is any finance Agreement that was taken out before April 2007. This includes Mortgages, Loans both secured and un-secured loans. Expect to be charged a handling fee for each card that you wish to claim on. You need to ensure that you use a company that will work on a no win no fee basis. This way you will keep 100% of your claim on completion.

Some companies are offering their services in return for an initial handling fee payable upfront AND a commission fee of up to 30% and a completion fee on the total amount awarded to their clients. This is not an area of law that most of us could negotiate ourselves as one couple found out in Staffordshire when they single handily took on their credit card company and won. It took them 5 years to secure a result and hundreds and hundreds of hours.

There should be no adverse repercussions to any client and their credit file should be kept clean. If for any reason a credit card file should be left with an adverse notice on it after a claim has been won. Then an application for a notice of correction can be requested. Keep your finance payments up during your claim.

You can clear your Credit Card Debt legally at Finance Claims Checker. We can quickly and easily provide you with the means to achieve a successful settlement on a No Win, No Fee basis. Our claim process is relatively simple. Unlike other companies that are offering to clear your Credit Cards our Partners and Solicitors will not charge you a penny on the completion of your compensation award. They are paid separately by the credit card providers. This whole procedure has been approved by the Ministry of Justice.

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