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Compare energy prices as gas and electricity is getting more expensive, thereby prompting consumers to cut back on their household budgets. However, if you don’t want to do without, there is a way to stabilise your finances without sacrificing in other areas. Give these tips for saving money on your energy bill a quick read to get started.Compare energy prices available

1. Monitor your use of the air conditioning and heating system.

This may be the most obvious advice to heed if you’re trying to save on energy, but there are few tricks that you might not know already. For example, did you know that turning your thermostat up or down by just a couple of degrees could significantly impact your energy bill? It’s true, so encourage your family to bundle up just a little tighter during the winter and dress down just a little more whilst they are at home during the summer, and you’ll be pocketing those energy savings in no time.

2. Invest in power strips for the entire household.

Televisions, DVRs, stereos and computer monitors are just a few examples of electronic appliances that usually operate on standby. In case you’re not entirely sure what this means, it’s a way of saying that even when these devices are turned “off,” they’re still on. Standby power provides an energy load to electronics so that they can be turned on quickly whenever you want to use them. It may seem convenient, but it could also be eating a giant hole into your energy budget. The best way to avoid phantom power loads is to plug these electronics into power strips instead of directly into wall sockets. With these power cords, you can turn off an entire group of appliances (for example, a computer monitor and a printer) at once with just the flick of a switch.

3. Compare Energy Prices Before You Switch Providers.

Even if you take into consideration all of these other tips, you may not be getting the cheapest gas and electricity available in your area. It is worth the time and effort involved to do a little investigation into other energy providers to see if any of them can give you a better deal. A quick Internet search can help you compare energy prices.

4. Insulate your home.

Energy can escape every day through cracks in a home’s foundation, worn weather-stripping, and poorly constructed pipes. To make sure your hard-earned cash isn’t just wafting out the door, take care to examine any nooks and crannies in your home about once a year and catch any problem spots. Maintaining the insulation around doors, windows, pipes, and your hot water heater is a good habit to get into.

5. Use “green” lighting.

Many homes still use incandescent light bulbs, which are a tremendous drain on energy. By simply switching to compact fluorescent bulbs, you can save energy and money. In addition, try not to use the lights during the daytime. Natural light that streams through windows and doors is an excellent alternative to sitting under artificial light all day, and it may even be good for your health; research shows that sunlight is a mood stabiliser.

Compare Energy Prices To Take Full Advantage Of These Saving Tips

Now that you have these tips, you can sit back and watch your energy bill plummet. To take your energy saving practices to the next level, try to think of your own unique energy saving titbits and don’t forget to compare energy prices to get the maximum money savings.

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