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creditExpert onlineYour mortgage is likely to be the biggest financial commitment you’re ever likely to make – and with the new Mortgage Market Review (MMR), affordability checks could mean that the rules as to who can and can’t get a home loan are tightening up. Applicants are likely to have to provide greater evidence of their income & expenditure, so they aren’t taking out loans they may not be able to afford in the long term.

However, Experian CreditExpert Online Research found that almost three quarters (72%) of aspiring homebuyers in the UK do not know what the Mortgage Market Review is, and of the 28% that say they do, many are confused or ill-informed as to what these new affordability measures could mean for their property dreams.

Almost half (43%) think the introduction of the MMR means they can apply with smaller deposits, though larger deposits are likely to be needed so as to make mortgage repayments more manageable. In addition, 19% believe that MMR means that lenders will relax their lending criteria, when checks will actually become more stringent. Just 44% understand that lenders are likely to be more careful about ensuring that mortgage applicants can afford their repayments.

To stand the best chance of securing a mortgage, and to get one with the best interest rate, home-buyers need to get their finances in the best possible shape. However, a fifth (19%) don’t plan on preparing their finances before their mortgage application, while another fifth (18%) only plan on preparing a month prior to their application.
And fewer than one in four (23%) have checked their credit score in the last six months, which could help provide a clear picture of their financial situation, and how they are likely to be viewed by lenders.

Understanding your CreditExpert Online Report

Understanding what is on your Experian CreditExpert online Report can help you put yourself in a stronger position when it comes to applying for the credit you want – for example: a mortgage or a loan – as lenders use it to help decide if you’ll be able to afford to make new repayments on time.

Time spent preparing your finances now could pay dividends in the future, and simple steps can make a real difference to how lenders see your ability to afford and manage a mortgage.

See the Information your Mortgage Lender Will See. View your Free Experian Credit Report Online.

CreditExpert Online Checklist To Buying A Home

Some simple tips from Experian CreditExpert online to help manage a mortgage application

  1. As soon as you decide to look for a property, scrutinise your last few months’ outgoings carefully to understand your spending habits. Are there things you could do without to finish each month with cash in the bank?
  2. Try to work out your likely repayments, with online calculators and the like. Importantly, play with the interest rate settings to see if you could afford repayments if rates rise by 1%, 2% or more. You can get help finding finance deals that suit your credit profile, and see your credit report and Experian Credit Score whenever you want, as part of Experian CreditExpert online membership.
  3. To make yourself a more attractive proposition to mortgage lenders, it’s important to ensure that your credit report is accurate, up-to-date, and reflects your present circumstances. If you find anything that isn’t, then contact the relevant lenders to get it altered.
  4. The Experian CreditExpert online Score is a guide that will help you understand how your credit history is likely to be seen by lenders. It can show you how the way you’ve managed credit in the past can affect future credit applications, and can help you monitor your progress as you get your finances in order before you apply. Making little changes to improve your credit report can make a big difference; not only to getting credit, but also to the interest rates you could be charged.
  5. Finally, from now until your application, try to appear like an ideal mortgage borrower. Try not to take out additional borrowing and try to demonstrate you can comfortably manage any outstanding credit commitments you have. With Experian CreditExpert you can get an array of exclusive tools and expert advice to help you monitor, understand and improve your overall credit situation.

See the Information your Mortgage Lender See. View your Free Experian Credit Report Online.

Should you choose to Click on the CreditExpert link then a Monthly fee of £14.99 applies after your trial. But you may cancel anytime during your 30 day trial without charge. 30 day free trial available to new customers only. Your CreditExpert Online Trial period starts on registration – further ID verification may be required to access the full service which may take up to 5 days.

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