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One mans Rubbish is another mans GOLD!

One mans Rubbish is another mans GOLD!

Free Enterprise is responsible for keeping the economy going

After the past weeks of turmoil in the money markets and the loss of Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest Investment Bank in America (a bank that survived the 1929 Great Depression, the First and Second World Wars) which was brought down by the after shocks of the 2007 Credit Crunch. It make us wonder what chance we have.

With this in mind, here is an idea I discovered from a friend of mine. He uses a website called Free Cycle where members of the public offer their items free to anyone that wants them as long as they  collect them. My friend has so far received six live ducks, four hens, paving stones and recently a shed which he had to dismantle first!

Free Enterprise

Search the internet and you will find many other freecycle websites – Manchester freecycle,, Gumtree and many more – in your local area. They all stipulate that everything you advertise must be free to the buyer – whether it’s an old sofa, dining table, unwanted CD’s or even a few hours free labour in someone’s garden. If you find something you are interested in simply reply by email and the deal is done.

Incidentally, my friend who introduced this concept of freecycle to me drives a brand new 2008 Mercedes C220, CDI and he and his wife shop at Aldi, Lidl and ASDA! He sold the shed he was given on e-Bay and got £63 – Bloody cheek! Your thoughts and comments are very welcome. Just click on the comments button below and leave your thoughts and views.

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