Gordon it’s time to go

My Money Saving tip today is for Gordon Brown to resign which will save us billions of pounds.

Gordon Brown bedded the bankers and took their advise not to regulate our Banking Industry. Duh!  “It’s like God taking advise from the Devil on how to prevent Evilness!”

Your true legacy is that you are an unelected prime minister and an ex-chancellor who regularly claimed to be PRUDENT. Yet you sold our gold reserves when the price of gold was low and you have now left us with the …BIGGEST BUST IN HISTORY and it all happened on your watch. You have wasted the wealth of this country over the past 10/12 years and you have given us the biggest recorded national debt ever and the worst recession since 1921. Our children will still be paying your debt off for many years to come.

The piggy bank is now bust and its time to go Gordon you have failed miserable, you cannot be TRUSTED with our country and its recovery.

Please take Mr. Mandleson who has been sacked twice and wormed his way back into your government with you when you close the door on your way out of number Ten Downing Street.  How did he get a knighthood after being sacked twice?

Mr. Brown do the honourable thing and fall on your sword now rather than be voted out! For a prudent prime minister and an ex-chancellor you were very cavalier with our finances.

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