Forex Training Course

Forex Training Course

When looking for an expert to provide money saving advice it is important that you consider how to earn extra money as well. During the last recession it was discovered that most people that lost their homes through forced repossession could have saved their homes had they been able to earn an extra £20 to £50 a week.

We can all make cutbacks in the money we spend everyday. But, it’s not always easy to save money if you don’t have a means to earn a little extra first and as unemployment nudges closer to three million there are many people who now find themselves redundant and in need of another job or another career. Trading in Forex or Spread betting might well be worth taking a look at.

I have never spoken about Spread Betting but interest in this area is expanding rapidly with over 1m people in the UK now spread betting regularly. Of these, a select few trade (or spread bet) the Forex (Foreign Exchange) markets, many of whom trade part-time from home, to earn incomes of between £100 and £1,000 per week to pay off their mortgages, cover school fees and pay for that round-the-world trip.

I therefore decided that this is something that should be investigated fully.

After looking at many training courses and different strategies, I have come across something rather special – “the Roxi Trader course”. After talking to existing students and reviewing very positive testimonials, I have teamed up with the renowned teacher and trader Roxi Cross to create a special, never before offered, two day training course to enable you to become a trading success.

A proven Forex system

A proven Forex system

Exclusively for this course, the first day will be held at a major Forex Trading House in the City of London.

On the first day of the course, students will learn Roxi’s special trading techniques and strategies that are designed to enable anyone, from 18 to 80 years of age, and regardless of trading experience, to become competent and successful traders.

On the second day of the course, you will actually experience live, real-time trading in a dedicated trading room with Roxi analysing each trade with you as it happens.

As a follow-up to the course, Roxi and her team provide a series of daily and then weekly conference calls as a part of an ongoing support and mentoring program.

This is a fantastic opportunity and I will be attending the course myself……

The dates of the course are 25th and 26th of June and the cost is £5,000 plus VAT (this is offered exclusively to Talk Money Bloggers and is restricted to 20 new students only).

So here is a unique chance to learn from an expert how to create a sustainable ongoing income from your home computer. As you can imagine, this will create a real buzz so Book Now

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  1. se nuke October 20, 2009 at 12:48 am #

    Some very good ideas. Thanks for the post.

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