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invest in gold

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Invest In Gold Today

Invest in gold is an age old investment that man has done since 560BC. One of the oldest forms of money is the gold coin, its use can be traced as far back as 560BC when the Lydian King Croesus. The Chinese then used them in the 5th or 6th Century BC. Gold coins were the main form of currency through to the early 20th Century. By 1933 most of the world had stopped making gold coins and using them as currency and had move to invest in gold shares.

Today gold coins are primarily collected by investors to hedge against inflation – so take a serious note and invest in gold today. In 1967 South Africa introduced the Kruger rand to cater for small investors; hence the reason that they manufactured Krugerrands in 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10 and 1/20 oz

Investors around the world invest in gold coins,  the main gold coins in circulation today in order of their popularity are the Krugerrand, American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, British Britannia or Sovereign, Chinese Panda, Gold Dinar, Russian Chervonets and the Swiss Vreneli.

Twelve Reasons To Invest In Gold Today!

  1. During the last run on gold in the 70’s and 80’s the price of gold increased by 20 times.
  2. There is a fall in gold production worldwide that is adding to its scarcity.
  3. India and China have a veracious appetite to invest in gold and as their economy’s power forward they will continue to invest in gold and they will drive up the gold price through demand and the limited supply globally.
  4. There have been no new discoveries of gold deposits recently and it take up to ten years to bring a new goldmine to full production.
  5. When ever the world is on the verge of a recession people turn to invest in gold as it is provides security.
  6. Invest in gold as it does not deteriorate and will last for ever.
  7. Gold is sought after for jewellery and electronic manufacture.
  8. Governments can print paper money quickly, but they cannot just produce gold.
  9. No other investment has the wealth preserving power of gold.
  10. The Gold price will continue to be pushed by the current American debt and trade crisis.
  11. Invest in Gold as it is an inflation-proof investment – Bullet Proof!
  12. Gold is the only truly international currency – It’s time to invest in gold.
invest in gold today

The price of GOLD has just kept on rising over the past 10 years

Invest In Gold It’s Recession Proof

Back in June 2008, I followed my own advice and decided to invest in gold coins. I purchased five one once Kruger at £470 per coin costing £2,350. The price of gold was at $870 per ounce when I bought my coins and since then the gold price has dropped down to $771, but the selling price has risen. A couple of months on a one ounce Krugerrand is selling at £629 for a 1ounce Krugerrand. My five coins were worth £3,145 if I sold them after 5 months. I would have to pay a selling fee of 7% which would leave me with £574.85 profit or a 24.46% profit in 5 months.

That is a extraordinary return in the current economic conditions if I was to sell my coins today. I believe that if you invest in gold coins they will continue to rise further. It just shows that there is money to be made during a recession. I spoke with a gold bullion firm earlier today and they only had 2 Krugerrand coins for sale. They said that people were turning to real gold rather than paper gold in this recession as they felt better holding real gold rather than a share certificate for gold. You can invest in gold with paper or physical gold it depend on your investment strategy.

How To Invest In gold coins?

Invest In Gold Kruggerrand Coins

Best Gold coin to invest in is the Kruggerrand

When you invest in Gold through a Gold Bullion you pay the gold price according to the rate at that time and when you decide to sell it through the Gold Bullion they will offer you 7% to 9% less than the going gold rate.

You can now buy and sell gold coins on eBay; but, it is a case of Caveat emptor which is Latin for “Let the buyer beware” so please BEWARE!

You need to be careful and check the eBay seller out, look at their Feedback and check out the comments left by previous buyers. Do not buy from a seller with less than 30 feedbacks. Have a look at what other seller thought of dealing with them and if you are not happy with the seller then move on to the next seller, there are many more. Also check out their postage and packaging costs.

If you decide to buy from eBay be sure to check out the gold price that day and don’t pay any more than you would have paid at a bullion dealer including their postage and packaging costs. Always check the daily gold price and if you are serious then look at downloading a gold price widget for your computer.

I have a gold price widgets on my taskbar at the bottom of my screen and it updates all day and helps me to invest in gold coins. This widget aids me with up to the minute gold prices. Then I have a look on eBay and see which gold coins are either on the money or below and don’t forget to check out the post and packaging costs for the seller. Be wise and informed if you intend to invest in gold.

When ever I am selling gold I always sell on eBay as I generally always get the market price or a higher premium when two buyers go head to head on my auction and then I do better than the market price. Don’t you just love eBay!

My Best Formula to Invest In Gold

My best formula is to invest in gold from the bullion Dealer when the gold price drops and then to sell on eBay. I hear you ask why buy from a Bullion dealer and sell on eBay, well I know that if I buy from the Bullion Dealer the gold coin is genuine and when I sell on eBay I get a better price then if I sold it to a Bullion Dealer, who would offer me 7% to 9% less than the market price. For external reviews and comparisons, please take a look at Online Stockbrokers.  You can join the discussion below by leaving your experiences and thoughts about how to Invest In Gold.

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