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The Credit Crunch has hopefully come and gone in the last seven years.  America, Europe, Japan and the United Kingdom have all acknowledged that the recession of the past seven years was the worst recession in history. Many economic pundits have put it’s severity on a level with the great depression of the 1920’s. Many of us feel optimistic about our economic recovery and believe that the end is just around the corner.

Money Saving Advice

The Greatest Money Saving Tip Ever! Try it on your next shopping trip.

With this in mind we need to ensure that we tighten our belts and rein in our wasteful spending. Start by disconnecting all our non-essential appliances (like televisions, radios, mobile chargers, shavers that are left on standby) turn off our lights at night and turn down our thermostats by 1 to 2 degrees in order to save money and yes these are important money saving tips that we should all be doing anyway. It just needs us to get the whole family involved.

Here is one of the most profound money saving tips that will change your whole way of thinking and your attitude towards how you spend money. Start by leaving your credit cards and debit cards at home and spend a month paying for all your shopping with money that you draw out from the bank.  If you don’t have it then you cannot spend it. Pay for everything with cash. You will start to really think about what you are buying and when you start handing over real money for you’re shopping at the check-out tills.  You will find yourself becoming concerned about how much you are spending and how much things cost. Another great tip is to leave the children at home. They will only put pressure on you to buy items you don’t need and cannot afford and that goes for your husband or partner.


Money Saving Advice – Pay for Everything with Cash

money saving advice

Start shopping today with cash!

I recently spoke with a client who entered a Debt Management Plan. Both he and his wife said that the biggest eye opener they had was when they went to the supermarket shopping with £60 in cash. The first time they tried to add up their shopping as they went along and when they got to the tills they had over spent by £30. Feeling embarrassed in front of the cashier and the other people in the check-out queue they started to put things back until they arrived at their £60 allowance. When they arrived home they discovered that in their embarrassment they had put back most of the essential items that they needed.

My client said that normally they would do a weekly shop and pay for it by credit card. They admitted this gave them no reality of how much they were spending. They said that they would normally pay what ever was requested by the check-out lady.

Now they find themselves paying cash and thinking as they handed over their cash that it was half of the wife’s weekly income. This couple now have a real sense of reality when it comes to how much they are paying and how long the wife has worked just to feed them that week. Scary!

Money Saving Advice – Take Ownership of your Money

Today my clients go shopping with a calculator on their phone and they have also started shopping in Aldi, Lidl and at Asda. They now look for value for money range of products as they want their money to stretch as far as possible. You see they finally found out that they are working for the money they spend and it is no longer courteous of their flexible friend to be paid at a later date.  Start paying for everything with cash and follow our money saving advice so you to can live a ‘debt free life in future’.

You do not need to have massive debts to benefit from my simple money saving advice. Which could just change the way that you think about the money that you spend. It’s all about taking ownership of YOUR MONEY. Your thoughts, experiences and comments are welcome. Just CLICK on the green coloured COMMENT bar below and Leave your thoughts about your money saving advice today!

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