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World Parcel Service – Anywhere In The World

Now that we have the internet the sheer range and scale of options open to us when we’re sending parcels overseas is massive.  Whether you run a business that has to fill orders on a daily basis or if you’re just sending a gift to a friend, the number of Worldwide Parcel Services vying for your attention verges on the ridiculous.  So, how do we choose?Worldwide Parcel Service – more hit, less miss

In the past you might have used a firm with a name you recognised from an advert or one that had been recommended by a friend.  You still can of course, but with the spectrum of choice as wide as it now is, you’ll likely find a better deal and service if you were to shop around a little first.

Regular Parcel Service Customers Receive A Discount

If you’re running a business then you should be able to get discounted rates for sending regularly or in bulk, above a certain threshold at least.  If you’re unsure whether you can meet that threshold consistently though (your business might be seasonal for instance) then the flat rate you pay regardless of what you do or don’t send could easily outweigh any potential discounts.

For an individual, sending overseas, to countries such as Australia, can also present a significant expense.  Recognised international carriers tend to focus their price structures on the kinds of businesses outlined above and so you can expect to pay a premium price if you’re just sending a parcel every now and again

Worldwide Parcel Service – Find An Online Courier Broker

The solution is finding an online courier that acts as a broker for the larger firms like DHL and UPS

First of all, these brokers buy parcel service from the carriers in bulk, enabling them to pass those same parcel service on to you (as and when you need them) at discounted rates – up to 80% cheaper in many cases. This is especially relevant when shipping to Australia and other countries that involve long distance shipping.  Additionally, since they are acting as intermediaries for a larger carrier, you still receive a top-quality parcel service and the reliability you’d expect from an established global shipping parcel service.

The very best online couriers offer you even more in terms of back-up too.  For example, some will specialise in pro-active monitoring, meaning if a delay occurs they not only keep you fully informed but work on your behalf to resolve the problem promptly.

Whether you’re a business or a private individual online couriers can certainly help you send parcels domestically and internationally.  A cheap parcel service is no longer a poor service thanks to online brokers.

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