Reasons for claiming Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

Were you mis-sold your Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?

Were you mis-sold your Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?

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If you can answer ” YES ” to any of the questions below then you may be entitled to make a claim fro mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance:

  • Has your PPI provider been fined for mis-selling by the regulator, the FSA? (See the list of firms fined by the FSA above)
  • Were you self-employed, unemployed, retired or on a fixed term contract at the time your PPI policy started?
  • Was it explained to you that the PPI premium would be added to your new loan and that your new loan would attract more interest over the term of the loan?
  • Were you pressured into purchasing a PPI policy by the sales person?
  • Were you asked about or did you have a pre-existing Medical condition at the time your PPI Policy was arranged?
  • You were told that PPI was compulsory with your finance agreement?
  • Was Payment Protection Insurance sold to you without your knowledge?
  • You weren’t given full details of the insurance policy (terms & conditions)?
  • Were you told how much the provider was earning by selling this Insurance policy to you?
  • Was it made clear to you that buying a PPI policy was optional and that you had the right to shop around for a different policy? Or were lead to believe that you might be refused a loan or credit card if you did not take out a PPI policy?


  • You have already made a successful claim and been paid by the provider of your PPI policy.
  • Your PPI policy ended over six years ago.

It’s important to use a firm that can fight for your full compensation.

Do you already have a PPI or Payment Protection Insurance cover in place and was it mis-sold to you? To check if you may have a claim for mis-selling and to buy a guide to reclaim PPI compensation then follow the link for further information.

Your thoughts, experiences and successes fighting for your compensation for mis-selling of your Payment Protection Insurance are welcome. You can join the conversation below and leave your thoughts, successes and experiences

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