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Below is a list of valuable web links to quality websites, article and directory site that we believe will benefit our readers. All of these sites provided here offer you a great source of good quality money saving Expert advice and information about money saving tips, credit card consolidation, debt management, secured homeowner loan, quick mortgage and other personal money issues.  They have all been used by ourselves in the past and we have found them to be of great benefit and interest. In some case we have a reciprocal link arrangement with the websites and in other cases you will find them to be social networking sites.

Here is a list of other important Resources that I acknowledge:

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Tips On Saving Money Are you looking for expert’s tips on saving money in today’s economy? Sorry, this is not the site for you! But if you’re looking for some down to earth, common sence ideas, we can help! We will provide methods to save money that have worked for us, a single income family with five kids.

Loan Specialists Unsecured loans & Secured Loans – an unsecured personal loan for status and non status applicants – poor credit, bad credit and adverse credit history considered – cheap UK unsecured loans for any purpose.

Credit Card Guide A complete credit card resource including articles, news, links and a complete credit card information directory.

Free Credit Report Free credit reports and credit scores. Consumers’ right to a free copy of their credit reports. Check your personal credit report in seconds! Learn what factors can positively or negatively effect credit reports & credit scores.

Investment Property Financing Effective investment property financing yields outstanding returns and offers wealth creation planning for all off plan buy to let property investments. UK investment properties / buy to let for sale.

Debt Relief Advice from a variety of sources. Suggestions on how to work from home – a great resource for extra income.

Frugal Living Tips Frugal Living Tips on how to lead a less wasteful lifestyle without debt, and still to be able to enjoy all the good things that life has to offer.