Out Of Money | Running Out Of Money And Drowing in Debt hurts Families

All Out Of Money And Drowning In Debt

Finding a credit solution to running out of money is not easy. By the time you discover that you have little or no money, your credit cards have maxed out, you probably will have missed a month or two of mortgage payments or rent and the phone calls from your finance providers will have started.

Out Of Money And In DebtThe credit card companies, mortgage lender, landlord, loan provider are all demanding their payments be paid first and then there is the electricity, gas, mobile phones, water rates, council tax bills and television licence that needs paying as well. All this before you even feed your family. At this point your nightmare will have started. What ever you do don’t do nothing as this will certainly lead to the nightmare getting worse and your state of being out of money will continue longer – action is required.

Millions of people are all out of Money And In Debt

You are not alone there are millions of families are drowning in debt for various reasons many with circumstances beyond their control as the UK economy continues to struggle along side Europe and America as their respective governments search for a credit solution to their out of money problems.

Amongst families that are struggling there are people who earned low, average and above average salaries that have found themselves running out of money. When the money slows down or stops coming in the bills still continue and the only difference is you don’t have the money to pay them. The main disparity between these people is the money that they all owe is relative to their past earnings and when they run out of money they all have the same problem they cannot pay their debts and are out of money. Some people will have put money away for a rainy day but when the demand for payment comes from your creditors your savings do not last long and very soon your out of money again.

Source: Payplan – IVA and Free Debt Management Plan provider.

When you run out of money you need to sit down and list all your expenses and any money that you have coming from any child benefits, unemployment, working tax credits, pensions, any part-time work, etc. Armed with this information you should approach any of the charitable debt help organisation who will give you free debt advice and assistance. They are PayPlan (www.payplan.com) Credit Action (www.creditaction.org.uk), the Consumer Credit Counseling Service (www.cccs.co.uk), Citizens Advice (adviceguide.org.uk) and National Debt line (0808 808 4000), These charities are experts in helping you to solve your debt problems and they offer help in solving your money problems.

Alternative Credit Solution To Running Out Of Money

Another solution to get out of debt when you are out of money is to start your own business; most people are put off by the costs associated with starting a business and when you have no money it really does not make any sense to even contemplate a new business venture. But let’s just consider the facts. How much would it cost you to set up a window cleaning round, a patio jet washing service, gutter cleaning service, house cleaning service, an ironing service and the list goes on? You see there are hundreds of business ideas and business models that do not cost a fortune to start. Some can be started for a few pounds as it is your time that you are selling. Remember the whole world is not in your position and these are services that they would want and need and they could provide a credit solution to help you when you are out of money. Please make sure that you see a ‘free debt adviser’ from one of the above charitable organisations before looking at any other credit solution to your debt problem

Alternatively, you could look at the internet where you would discover people who went from broke to rich by starting an internet business. These guys and girls were also out of money. You see unlike the conventional model of opening a shop on the high street with lots of stock and high rents the internet model allows you to open your shop for a minimal cost and buy products from suppliers as you sell it. Or you could have a look at Network Marketing on the internet to find a business promoting a service or products that you buy as and when you need to sell.

Being unemployed, in debt and out of money sometimes is the catalyst to realising that the only way out of the debt trap is through believing in yourself and your abilities to provide for you’r family and not to wait for someone else to help you. Unfortunately, we are not guaranteed a job or a career for life anymore and the only person that we can rely on is ourselves. Leave your comments and experiences about your out of money experience

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