Swap Shopping is the New Shopping Experience!

I swap this light bulb for those light bulbs!

I will swap this light bulb for those light bulbs!

Welcome to the new swap shopping phenomenon!

“The credit crunch is likely to last well into 2010” Andy Hornby the HBOS chief executive of the UK’s largest mortgage provider has warned. For many of us the Credit Crunch has already started to wreak havoc on our shopping experience as we have no extra money left to spend on shopping. As a nation we have enjoyed the shopping experience over the years.

Enter the rise of the “frugalistas” the cash-poor, style-high girls, boys, men, women and children who are now finding low-cost ways to stay looking good with up to the minute fashion at a price we can all afford.

Swap Shopping is the new shopping experience today

Ever bought clothes or products that you have used once or twice and then become bored with and you have then shoved it to the back of your wardrobe or put it in the garage? Well now you can go online and search out the many Swap shops around.

Here is Swapz.co.uk who claim to be the biggest and the most original direct swap website where anyone can swap anything with anyone. It’s free to join and you can start swapping straight away. Chick Here! to start swapping.

Swap Shopping is a great chance to get rid of all kinds of unwanted but re-usable items and/or pick up something useful. You will be surprised what people are swapping  – Antiques, Art, Automotive, Books, Comics & Magazines, Business, Office & Industrial, Clothing & Accessories, Collectibles, Computing, Consumer Electronics, Dolls & Plush, DVD, Film & TV, Hobbies & Pastimes, Home, Garden & Family, Jewellery & Watches, Mobile & Home Phones, Music, Musical Instruments, PC & Video Gaming, Photography & Optical, Pottery, Porcelain & Glass, Properties, Sports gear, Stamps, Tickets & Travel, Toys & Games.

Try Swap Shopping Before Knocking It!

First you find what you want and then you make an offer to swap something for it. It can either be a straight swap one item for another or you can do a swap with an item and cash or you can offer cash to swap. You can also place a request for any item you are looking for that you would like swap.

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