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This Recession is a rollercoaster ride of conflicting signs of economic recovery – Money Saving Advice

The Money Saving Experts advise us that we are in the midst of probably one of the worst financial year on record. We have seen the meltdown of our financial markets, motor manufacturing, housing and retail markets. These markets are all fighting their way through this recession for their survival and existence. Already some great […]

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Higher Fixed Rate Mortgages are on the Way – Mortgage Advice

The CBI The Bank of England base rate remains at 0.5% for the third consecutive month there are warnings recommending that higher fixed rate mortgage deals are on the horizon. Borrowers are reluctant to remortgage now due to the low interest rates they have with their current mortgage deals. This benefits borrowers on tracker rate, […]

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The Mortgage interest rate looks to have bottomed out

Money saving Expert says, surely the Bank of England base rate cannot drop any further? They could drop another half a percentage point to zero but there seems little point in reducing interest rates further. The government and the Bank of England have now introduced and started the process of Quantative Easing. They will spend […]

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Britain last saw zero inflation in1960!

Inflation has fallen to its lowest rate since 1960 and now stands at 0%. The inflation rate is calculated from the prices of a range of different goods and services selected to represent average spending patterns in the UK. There are two different methods of calculating inflation The retail prices index (RPI) is intended to […]

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The more the Government spends the shorter the recession – Money Expert

In today’s climate of recession meltdown it is difficult not to scaremonger or upset anyone when analysing the world around us, the consequences to each of us and the impact of the debt our children might one day inherit. Are the changes that have been implemented by the government and the Bank of England really […]

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Are we in the Worst Financial mess seen in 100 years?

Edward Ball, the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families recently quoted that “this financial mess is global and as bad as we have seen for 100 years.” It’s obvious that Ed Ball thought he could say it better than Mervyn King the governor of the Bank of England who had already stated that […]

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Deepest recession for Twenty Years – Stop reducing Interest rate!

The Bank of England’s interest base rate is expected to reach an all time low of 1% later today. The current rate of 1 ½ % is the lowest level of interest base rate ever seen in 315 years since it was established in 1694. This is dreadful news for savers but great news for […]

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Mortgage gloom set to continue through 2009

In the last two months I have seen nine clients all wishing to remortgage their homes. Some of my clients are at the end of a mortgage deal, others are looking to consolidate their expensive secured loans, unsecured loans and credit card debts into an affordable mortgage deal. Whilst some clients are looking for a […]

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