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Credit Card Debts – Are You Struggling To Pay Your Credit Cards

More People Are Struggling To Pay Off Their Credit Card Debts Today more people are struggling to pay off their credit card debts each month when faced with which bills to pay first. According to Credit Action almost sixty-six percent of Britons had seen their finances stretched by the current recession. It seems that 31% […]

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Is now the right time to take out a new Mortgage and buy a home?

As the editor of talkmoneyblog ,  I am often asked if now is the best time to take on a new mortgage and buy a new home, here are my finance tips. Ask ten people whether they think the time is right to venture back into the property market and you’re likely to get a […]

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Facts about Prepaid Credit Cards – Credit Card Advice

Britain struggles under the weight of historic debt caused in part by the banks irresponsible lending policies and the public’s belief that they could control their high mortgage costs, credit card debts and loan repayments. Credit card providers in the past have issued new credit card agreements to anyone and everyone without conducting proper financial […]

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Money Saving advice for Mortgage Borrowers facing Negative Equity

During the 1993 housing recession it was estimated that one and a half million homeowners had negative equity. The Council of Mortgage Lenders has announced that approximately 900,000 homeowners currently have some degree of negative equity.  They believe around 600,000 of these homeowners have seen modest shortfalls of around 10%. When compared with the previous […]

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Cheltenham & Gloucester Tracker Rate Mortgage comes up trumps!

A few weeks ago I was talking with another client who had a tracker rate mortgage with the Cheltenham & Gloucester.  She told me that her tracker mortgage which I had arranged for her on a 1.01% below the base rate had reduced her monthly payments down to 25pence a month on a fairly substantial […]

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Mortgage Borrower buy’s Schnoodle with money saved on low interest rates

Buying a Schnoodle I was talking with some clients last night and they happened to mention how they had more money at the end of each month since the interest rate had dropped from 5% to ½ %.  As a money saving expert I wanted to know what they were doing with their new found […]

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Anger over Home Repossession | Debt Relief

Home repossessions in the UK are at a 12 year high. Reports from Wales suggest that the number of repossession orders going through the courts there are up by 39% this year. Further news has emerged that the recently privatised Northern Rock Bank is repossessing 50% more homes than the mortgage industry average. Ouch!  We […]

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