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Fixed Mortgages have declined in the last year – Mortgage Advice

The mortgage market remains in a state of quandary with changing opinions and advice being given by the money and savings experts. This recession is proving to be deeper and more unforgiving than the previous. Mortgage Brain who provides a mortgage sourcing system which is used by professional mortgage brokers has said that the number […]

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Higher Fixed Rate Mortgages are on the Way – Mortgage Advice

The CBI The Bank of England base rate remains at 0.5% for the third consecutive month there are warnings recommending that higher fixed rate mortgage deals are on the horizon. Borrowers are reluctant to remortgage now due to the low interest rates they have with their current mortgage deals. This benefits borrowers on tracker rate, […]

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Number of Mortgage Products available rises – Mortgage Advice

The situation as I see it! Money seems to be in short supply; interest rates offered by banks for saving money remains diabolical; unemployment is expected to increase by quarter of a million as students leave university and college and members of Parliament from all sides of the political spectrum have exploited their expenses for […]

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The Mortgage interest rate looks to have bottomed out

Money saving Expert says, surely the Bank of England base rate cannot drop any further? They could drop another half a percentage point to zero but there seems little point in reducing interest rates further. The government and the Bank of England have now introduced and started the process of Quantative Easing. They will spend […]

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Mortgage gloom set to continue through 2009

In the last two months I have seen nine clients all wishing to remortgage their homes. Some of my clients are at the end of a mortgage deal, others are looking to consolidate their expensive secured loans, unsecured loans and credit card debts into an affordable mortgage deal. Whilst some clients are looking for a […]

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British Savers hit Hard by Bank of England’s Decision! | Mortgage Expert

Yesterdays announcement by the Bank of England delivered an unexpected statement that they were cutting their base rate by 1½% from 4.5% to 3%.  It has been done to kick start our stalling economy and to try and prevent a deepening recession. Everyone was expecting a ½%; but, we all hoped for a full 1% […]

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Restructure your debts to make them more affordable | Debt Management

We have all watched as our government has bought a share in the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Lloyds TSB, Halifax and then they privatised the Northern Rock and Bradford and Bingley. They have given these banks a life-line. But what life-line have they offered the rest of us? Some people are struggling more than […]

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Finding A Remortgage Just Got A Lot More difficult!

Finding A Remortgage In today’s Market Breaking news from the Halifax Bank who are reporting a 13% drop in house prices for the last year. They claim that the current house price drop is the fastest and the largest house price drop they have ever recorded. The Halifax says that the monthly house price drop […]

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