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Talk Money Blog on BBC Breakfast News

Talk Money Blog Appears On The BBC News Sunday Breakfast Show

Talk Money Blog Talks With Susanna Reid BBC News Breakfast presenter, Susanna Reid discussed the recently commissioned report by the independent think tank Resolution Foundation which was polled by Ipsos MORI with Talk Money Blogs’ money expert Mark Aucamp. Money Expert Mark Aucamp from Talk Money Blog agreed with the findings of this survey by […]

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Explain My Credit Score So I understand

Explain My Credit Score Can someone explain my credit score to me? Just as the world is warming up, the credit climate has undergone a profound change since the recession took hold our money expert discovered. According to the latest Bank of England figures, around 1.6 million of us apply for some form of credit […]

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The more the Government spends the shorter the recession – Money Expert

In today’s climate of recession meltdown it is difficult not to scaremonger or upset anyone when analysing the world around us, the consequences to each of us and the impact of the debt our children might one day inherit. Are the changes that have been implemented by the government and the Bank of England really […]

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Recycle your old Mobile Phones for Cash or Donate it to a Charity

Recycle Your Old Mobile Phones Most of us will upgrade old mobile phones annually for the ‘latest new release’ when we renew our mobile contracts. It’s become an event that we all look forward to as we get to impress our friends with our latest new phone. We watch them go green with envy for ten […]

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Credit crunch means talking about money and the lack of it

The new British debate is the Recession It’s not difficult to get involved with the debate about the credit crunch and the current national and global recession.  Gordon Brown the Prime Minister is the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer and he is well remembered for his continuous chanting of the word ‘prudent’ whenever he was delivering […]

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Credit card, loan and mortgage debts wiped out legally | Money saving Advice

BBC Panorama – “Won’t Pay, Can’t Pay” Last night the BBC One showed a Panorama programme called “Won’t Pay, Can’t Pay” where they investigated openly about finance agreements being flawed and unenforceable and how a couple had exploited loopholes in the law to have thousands of pounds worth of debt written off legally.  They showed the […]

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Which Debt Management Plan is best for you?

Debt Management Plan My personal philosophy and advice as a  is to seek out a free service first and then compare it to a paid service. Take time to find out what the differences are. Three Types of Debt Management Companies The first is a paid service that will offer you help and advice and […]

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