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Payday Lenders Slammed by Financial Conduct Authority

Payday Lenders Have New Restrictions Imposed By The FCA Over 50,000 consumer credit firms including payday lenders, door-step, loan sharks and logbook lenders have all had time called on them by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Included in the 50,000 consumer credit firms are the high street bank lenders and credit card providers. Some providers are […]

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Discover The Benefits And Pitfalls Of Obtaining A Logbook Loan

What is the Difference between Logbook Loan and A Payday Loan? The Logbook loan should not be confused with a payday loan. Both types of loans are generally very accessible as long as the borrower accepts the lenders lending criteria before borrowing their money. The benefits of using a payday loan and a logbook loan is that they […]

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