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The Definitive Guide To Understanding Your Credit File

Understanding Your Credit File. Your credit file is also known as a credit report or credit history. It is important that you understand what your credit file is all about. It can be hard to navigate the credit minefield, which is often littered with technical credit file terms and governed by rules that many of […]

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The Best Money Saving Advice Available Today!

Money Saving Advice Guaranteed To Save You Money! The Credit Crunch has hopefully come and gone in the last seven years.  America, Europe, Japan and the United Kingdom have all acknowledged that the recession of the past seven years was the worst recession in history. Many economic pundits have put it’s severity on a level […]

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Credit Card Debts – Are You Struggling To Pay Your Credit Cards

More People Are Struggling To Pay Off Their Credit Card Debts Today more people are struggling to pay off their credit card debts each month when faced with which bills to pay first. According to Credit Action almost sixty-six percent of Britons had seen their finances stretched by the current recession. It seems that 31% […]

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Businessman furious at banks’ refusal to lend bricks up Barclays branch in protest

This is an article that I felt our readers would enjoy it was written by Colin Fernandez of the Daily Mail Online 27th September 2010 When Cameron Hope tried to get a loan to help his business grow he felt as if he were talking to a brick wall. In fact, he became so angry […]

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Gordon it’s time to go

My Money Saving tip today is for Gordon Brown to resign which will save us billions of pounds. Gordon Brown bedded the bankers and took their advise not to regulate our Banking Industry. Duh!  “It’s like God taking advise from the Devil on how to prevent Evilness!” Your true legacy is that you are an […]

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Unemployment is still rising what are your views? – Recession News

Unemployment has now risen to 2.38 million in the last three months, the Office for National Statistics reported. Unemployment figures do not indicate the depth of the recession or when we are nearing the end. Businesses are still fighting for their survival and they continue to cut jobs as a way of saving money in […]

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Fixed Mortgages have declined in the last year – Mortgage Advice

The mortgage market remains in a state of quandary with changing opinions and advice being given by the money and savings experts. This recession is proving to be deeper and more unforgiving than the previous. Mortgage Brain who provides a mortgage sourcing system which is used by professional mortgage brokers has said that the number […]

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CreditExpert – The first timer’s guide to surviving the recession

Surviving The Recession With CreditExpert Recessions come and recessions eventually go but if you were born in the 1980s or 1990s, you may not know what to expect or how to cope during a period of financial uncertainty. This guide gives all you first-timers a few pointers to surviving until the next boom comes around. […]

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This Recession is a rollercoaster ride of conflicting signs of economic recovery – Money Saving Advice

The Money Saving Experts advise us that we are in the midst of probably one of the worst financial year on record. We have seen the meltdown of our financial markets, motor manufacturing, housing and retail markets. These markets are all fighting their way through this recession for their survival and existence. Already some great […]

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How to earn extra money at Home and beat this Recession

As the recession bites, more and more families are looking to supplement their incomes to compensate for frozen wages, reduced overtime and job losses for one or both income earners. The biggest question most people are looking for is how to earn extra money and what alternatives are there for earning serious money. A sobering […]

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Credit Ratings Can Be Improved Within Six months

Your Credit Ratings Can be Improved If you believe everything in the news these days, it’s almost impossible to get a good deal on credit. Luckily, that’s just not true. If you have  good credit ratings, you can still qualify for some great deals – whether you want a card, loan, mortgage or simply the […]

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Buy-to-Let Landlords struggle to keep up mortgage repayments | Debt Help

As this recession tightens its grip on our economy many buy-to-let landlords have found themselves unable to sustain their mortgage commitments to repay their borrowings. The chief executive of the housing charity Shelter says that he is worried about the increase in the number of people seeking advice from his organisation.  Many landlords and tenants […]

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