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Master The Art Of Reducing Your Food Shopping Bill

Reduce Your Food Shopping Bill Today! All the supermarkets are now fighting for your food shopping  business. Some supermarket stores are even offering to price match other supermarket stores. The latest is Morrison’s who are price matching the German discount stores Aldi and Lidl. This is great news for the shopper. This year we have […]

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Heating Solution | Save Money Using Heater Hire When You Needed them

Heating Solution – Use A Heater Hire Many work environments need effective heating solutions most workplace as can be susceptible to fluctuating temperatures, especially such places as factories, workshops, warehouses, retail outlets, meeting halls and temporary buildings. To deal with these fluctuations, many managers opt for heater hire as a cost-effective way around the problem […]

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Saving Money | Try Our Top Tips On Saving Money

Saving Money Today Saving money is not always easy as it’s inevitable that most of us will fall on tough financial times during our lives. Today unlike any other time in the last ninety years we have our economy in the doldrums, unemployment on the rise and our government introducing tough austerity programs. Everybody seems […]

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Talk Money Blog on BBC Breakfast News

Talk Money Blog Appears On The BBC News Sunday Breakfast Show

Talk Money Blog Talks With Susanna Reid BBC News Breakfast presenter, Susanna Reid discussed the recently commissioned report by the independent think tank Resolution Foundation which was polled by Ipsos MORI with Talk Money Blogs’ money expert Mark Aucamp. Money Expert Mark Aucamp from Talk Money Blog agreed with the findings of this survey by […]

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Quit Smoking and Save Money today!

Health cost The single greatest cause of preventable illnesses and early death is caused by tobacco consumption or better known as smoking. Cancer Research UK estimates that 114,000 people die each year from smoking related diseases including cancer. Smokers find it extremely difficult to give up smoking due to the highly addictive nature of nicotine […]

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Swap Shopping is the New Shopping Experience!

Welcome to the new swap shopping phenomenon! “The credit crunch is likely to last well into 2010” Andy Hornby the HBOS chief executive of the UK’s largest mortgage provider has warned. For many of us the Credit Crunch has already started to wreak havoc on our shopping experience as we have no extra money left […]

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