Temporary Van Insurance – Why Would You Use Temporary Van Insurance?

What Is A Temporary Van Insurance

Temporary van insurance is the same as the term ‘short term van insurance‘ which means exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an insurance policy that can be taken out for a short period of time which could be a few days, a few weeks or a month or two. The choice is entirely yours as to how long you want the van insurance policy to be active. At one time temporary van insurance policies were extremely expensive and difficult to source as most insurers only provided it to car rental firms.

But times have changed and the vehicle insurance industry has embraced this market sector as it is both lucrative for them and a popular product for the users. Like most products in business as the demand increases so the price of the product or service decreases accordingly, thereby making it more affordable for the user.

Temporary van insurance has been used by car hire companies ever since they first started hiring cars and vans out to members of the public. The earliest evidence of a car rental company was in 1918 when the Hertz Car Rental Company first started trading in Chicago.  Since then a global industry has grown up thanks to the availability of temporary car insurance being available.

Why would you want to use Temporary Van Insurance?

Why Use Temporary Van Insurance

Small, medium and large businesses all use vans of some kind and often they may need to hire an extra van to move goods between offices or around the country. The van rental company would provide a van with a temporary van insurance policy to cover the number of days the van was rented for.

A builder may have a contract that requires a long wheel based van to haul goods from the builders’ merchant to a building site. The builder is able to hire a van cheaply from a rival business but he needs a short term van insurance policy to allow him to use the vehicle legally.

A homeowner is moving home and has had a quote from a home removal firm that is to expensive. He decides to save money by using a friends Ford transit van and he then source a temporary van insurance policy for the number of days he will be using the van for.

Another scenario is a firm has thousands of orders to deliver across the UK within a short time span and they decide to send two drivers in a long wheeled based van. Their reason for sending two men and a van means that they can drive through the night and deliver late into the evening. They arrange for the second driver to be put on a temporary van insurance policy for the duration of the job. This keeps their fuel costs and vehicle cost down making it a cost effective solution.


How To Find A Temporary Van Insurance Policy

Temporary van insurancepolicy can be purchased today for cars, vans and motorbikes and you can buy any number of days Insurance cover to suit your personal circumstances and requirements.  You can obtain temporary van insurance policies for various uses like pleasure, domestic or business use. You should always ask the insurance company what is not covered under your insurance policy, for example carrying toxic, dangerous or hazardous chemicals or using the vehicle to carry paying passenger if you have taken out a car insurance policy.

Temporary van insurance policies can be purchased over the phone, in an insurance broker’s office or more conveniently over the internet twenty four hours a day. The Insurance cover note can be printed off after you have paid for your policy online without waiting to receive it in the post.

If you have any experience of using a temporary van Insurance or a short term car insurance policy then we would like to hear about your experiences and thoughts.

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