The Secret To Free Voucher Codes

The History Of Free Voucher Codes

One of the very first companies to use free voucher codes was Coca-Cola back in 1887. It took a tonic drink of no consequence from obscurity to a one of the best known drinks in the world today and things are still going better with Coca-Cola. The first free voucher codes used stated that “this card entitles you to one glass of free Coca-Cola at the fountain of any dispenser of genuine coca-cola.”  From the first free coupon given out in the late eighteen hundreds until 1913 when Coke finished that free offer they had given away over eight million free drinks. It was considered to be a massive success for the fledgling company in its day and was probably responsible for the money off voucher codes used today in most countries around the world.

Free Voucher CodesWhat Are Free Voucher Codes

Free Voucher codes save customers money and help retailers and suppliers to find new customers. Voucher codes are a marketing coupon or tickets that are given away by a retailers and manufacturers wanting to promote a particular product or service.  The recipients of the promotional coupon or discount voucher are encouraged to redeem them when purchasing that service or a product.  The main distribution of money off voucher codes today is through newspapers, magazines, the internet and mobile phones mainly. They normally offer a fixed amount of money off a service or product, or a reduction off the postage costs or free postage and packing.

Examples of Free Voucher Codes Available To The Public:

  • Orange Mobile offers their customers 2 for 1 Cinema tickets every Wednesday
  • Vodafone promotional code offers free printable vouchers that save you money off their products and services.
  • Tesco Supermarket offer Tesco vouchers to their customers through their Clubcard.

The Secret to finding free Voucher Codes:

……. .is knowing where to look for them. To find these codes online when shopping it is important that you know some of the many different names that retailers and manufacturers use when offering these coupons to the public on the internet. Here are some of the names you should use to search online, like  free voucher codes, money off voucher codes, free voucher codes, discount voucher codes, promotional codes, promo codes and coupons. If you use any of these search names in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine they will always bring you back

The Future Of Free Voucher Codes

Recently Groupon MyCityDeal entered the market offering online shopping discount vouchers to the public on a daily basis. They were offered five billion dollars by Google which they turned down and have since been valued at over fifteen billion dollars. They have millions of customers around the world and they are growing at a phenomenal rate.

A company called MyNetUniverse from the United States has introduced a revolutionary price comparison application that you download onto your Internet browser. It works everytime you search for a product or service to find you the lowest price from across the internet. Unlike other price comparison sites that only offer the best price from the merchants that pay them to advertise their products. MyShoppingGenie first checks all the pages of Google for the item you are searching for and then return the lowest price found along with the results from five other main comparison sites in your region.

The future of coupons and codes is “very bright” and as technology continues to improve it will become even better. The customer will ultimately benefit from any further advancement in this area

Your thoughts, experiences and comments about free voucher codes are welcome below.

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