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What Is VoIP – Save Money Today Using VoIP telephony

We hear people asking what is VoIp? Well telecommunication has become an important aspect in everybody’s lives that it is reasonable to keep telephone costs as low as possible to avoid falling into debt. Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to make cheap or even free calls via the VoIP technology. VoIP is the abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol and is often described as IP telephony or Internet telephony. As it can be used on fixed phones, mobile phones and via the Internet alike, it appeals to the young mobile user, digital natives as well as to older people who are unfamiliar with mobile phones and the Internet, and who prefer using landline connections. What is voip well its a way of saving money

What Is VoIP – The difference between free and cheap VoIPWhat Is VoIP ? - You Can Save money Using VoIP telephony

The technology can be used for free via the Internet and in some cases also via mobile phone and landline. If, however, the VoIP telephony is meant to replace the Public Switched Telephone Network, it may be charged. Yet, it remains beneficial, as these charges are much lower than the fees taken for standard phone calls, especially in case of international phone calls. Which service is best, depends on individual preferences and demands. Generally speaking, it is always valuable to compare the latest VoIP phones and the services.

What Is VoIP – Service one: Software-based VoIP

Software-based VoIP is the most popular service, which is mostly free. In order to use it, one simply has to download and install a VoIP application on one’s personal computer and register an account before calling someone via the necessary headset. If the communication partner uses the same service, the call is free. Calls to mobile phones and landlines can be conducted at low charges.

What Is VoIP – Service two: Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP services are the right way to lower the costs of mobile phone calls. In order to be able to use a free mobile service, one has to find a solution to get a wireless connection with an IP network via the mobile phone. A Wi-Fi hotspot is one opportunity. Furthermore, mobile VoIP requires the mobile to be compatible with the respective service. In order to start talking, it is necessary to download and install a softphone, i.e. a part of the VoIP software which works like an interface enabling the user to dial numbers and perform other relevant actions through a screen, keyboard or mouse. Eventually, calls can be made using a microphone and a headset.

What Is VoIP – Service three: Residential VoIP

For those who consider reducing their home phone or office phone bills, residential VoIP is the proper solution. It is possible to use it on an existing traditional phone. After signing up with the service, one is sent a phone adapter called ATA, which connects the ADSL line with the traditional phone, be it a corded or a cordless phone. It is therefore a good solution for people who do not want to depend on a computer. As it enables the user to perform unlimited calls to many destinations, it is also suitable for home offices.
As with every service, VoIP keeps improving and developing. Therefore, it is worth checking the news for updates regularly, in order to make the most of telecommunication and to keep costs low.

If you know what is VoIP, then please leave us a comment and let us know if you have found it cheaper than normal telephone calls

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