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The sensible choice is to use a “Specialist Will Writing Service” or you could drop into your local Solicitors’ or if you feel that price is an issue then you could use the cheaper ‘DIY Will Writing Pack’ to write your ‘last will and testament’ before departing this world for the next.  A professionally written will is important to make sure that you leave your property and possessions to your loved ones, chosen friends and charities. The people or charities that you decide to leave your property and possessions to in your will are known as your beneficiaries. It is important that your  last will and testament is written stating exactly how you wish your asset to be distributed. You should review your will regularly and in the event of any major changes in your circumstances.

Reasons for altering your last will and testament:

  • when your partner dies
  • if you get divorced
  • if a beneficiary to your estate dies if one or both of your executors were to die
  • if you win the lottery jackpot
  • if your financial circumstances change for the better or worse

A will is a legal document and a poorly written or badly worded will can create problems and can be thrown out during probate and intestate law applied. In these circumstances the estate would be distributed according to the laws of intestacy. So it is important that you seek a professional will writing service for advice and help, it may also be worthwhile considering a pre-paid funeral plan.  The story below explains why you need a professionally written will prepared by a will writing service that instructs your executors to distribute your assets the way you wanted and in accordance with the law.

Will Writing Service Story

A couple decided early in their marriage that their final wishes when they died were to leave their home to their three children equally and any money in their bank accounts was to be distributed equally between the two charities that they supported.  They had their wills drawn up in accordance with their wishes. They also left instructions that the surviving partner would carry out their original wishes.

Will Writing ServiceSome thirty five years passed and the husband died. As agreed in their original will everything passed to the wife. The wife decided to save some money and bought a DIY will writing pack and drafted her own last will and testimony.  In her new will she stated that their home should be sold on her death and divided equally between their three adult children. Any money left in their bank accounts was to be distributed equally between the two charities that they jointly supported as agreed with her husbands’ wishes earlier in their marriage.

Eighteen years passed and the wife sold her home as she needed to move into a nursing home. The money realised from the sale of her home went into her bank account to help finance her nursing home costs. When she finally died a few years later her estate was divided in accordance with her last will and testament.  All the money in her bank accounts was equally distributed between her and her husbands’ two nominated charities.

It was quickly realised that her three children inherited less than 5% of the total estate (jewellery and mementos) left by their mother. The two charities had benefited by default as the wording in the will stated that the charities would share the money in her bank accounts.

Will Writing Service Solution

It is important to discuss your will writing requirements and circumstance with a will writing service. They will look at your personal situation and make suggestions. A good will writing service would highlight the possibility of someone having to take care of nursing home costs later in life and the possible downfalls.  If this had been done properly in the beginning then a will writing adviser could have suggested that the home be divided into two equal shares and placed into a ‘tenants in common’ and registered with the land registry. The wife could have been granted a ‘lifetime of use’ of the husbands share in the home until she sold the home.  Then the husbands’ share of the property could have been shared equally between their three children as originally agreed.

A will writing service would have foreseen the pitfalls when the wife came to rewrite her will after her husband had died. Due to her age they would have offered her other alternatives to ensure that her children would have been the main beneficiaries and not the charities.

Don’t leave your last will and testament to chance. Use a professional will writing service to protect your property and possessions today.

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