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Buy-to-Let Landlords see their property investments hit by this recession – Mortgage Advice

Some Buy-to-Let landlords have been hardest hit by the current downturn in the economy and are losing properties by three times the rate of ordinary homeowners. Landlords saw the housing boom as an easy way to make money and many felt that the property boom would never end or so they thought. It seems that […]

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Buy-to-Let Landlords struggle to keep up mortgage repayments | Debt Help

As this recession tightens its grip on our economy many buy-to-let landlords have found themselves unable to sustain their mortgage commitments to repay their borrowings. The chief executive of the housing charity Shelter says that he is worried about the increase in the number of people seeking advice from his organisation.  Many landlords and tenants […]

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Will the Buy-to-let market damage the housing market?

The Council of Mortgage Lenders has today published the latest figures showing that the Buy-to-let market had risen by 12% in the third quarter of 2010. Some 26,900 buy-to-let mortgages worth £2.8 billion were advanced during this period. There are currently around 1.29 million buy-to-let mortgages. Demand for buy-to-let mortgages is being  fuelled by the […]

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Mortgage lenders to test borrower’s affordability for home loans

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has released their mortgage market review discussion paper and they have outlined their proposal for tougher regulations. It is evident that they will be more authoritarian and intrusive in the way they regulate the mortgage industry in future. The FSA want to control the industry as they believe the industry […]

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Tenants, Beware of Buy-to-Let landlords when renting

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has released figures this month that show a sharp rise in homes being repossessed. The figures show that 40,000 people lost their homes last year which is up from 26,200 in 2007. These figures also included buy-to-let repossessions from landlords with buy-to-let mortgages and landlords who are renting out […]

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Mortgage gloom set to continue through 2009

In the last two months I have seen nine clients all wishing to remortgage their homes. Some of my clients are at the end of a mortgage deal, others are looking to consolidate their expensive secured loans, unsecured loans and credit card debts into an affordable mortgage deal. Whilst some clients are looking for a […]

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Homeowners 2-year Mortgage holiday debt nightmare?

Gordon Brown could not wait to upstage the Queens’ Speech by releasing his governments’ latest initiative to the MPs in the House of Commons. He announced that mortgage borrowers who suffered from a drop in income would be able to defer their mortgage interest payments for up to two years. This initiative was agreed by […]

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Finding A Remortgage Just Got A Lot More difficult!

Finding A Remortgage In today’s Market Breaking news from the Halifax Bank who are reporting a 13% drop in house prices for the last year. They claim that the current house price drop is the fastest and the largest house price drop they have ever recorded. The Halifax says that the monthly house price drop […]

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Can the Buy-to-Let landlord survive the Credit Crunch?

This is not a stupid question to ask. I was with a client last week and I was arranging a five year fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage on a 75% loan-to-value mortgage with the Bank of Scotland. While my client and I were signing all the paperwork for their new buy-to-let mortgage, the Bank of Scotland had […]

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Bridging Loans And Business: A Real Alternative To Banks?

Bridging Loans For Business With the financial market constantly evolving, it is no surprise that new products and services like bridging loans are increasingly transforming the conventional wisdom surrounding funding new ventures and acquiring capital. As banks continue to tighten their belts, other institutions have stepped in to supply the demand in the market. Here […]

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Should you consider a sale and rent back?

The number of homes being repossessed by mortgage lenders rose by 54% to 40,000 according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). The Financial Services Authority (FSA) recently reported that house arrears had surged forward by 31%. As the credit crunch bites ever deeper people who are struggling to pay their mortgages are searching for […]

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