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Payment Protection Insurance – Were You Mis-sold PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Story So Far…… New regulations have meant that all the banks need to now make provisions to set aside money to fund their obligation for their part in the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) scandal.  PPI sellers and the banks in the UK will continue to pay-out billions of pounds […]

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Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance policy can still be claimed

Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance policies are still very controversial. Many people out there that have no idea how many potential PPI claims for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance policies they have. One of the reasons for this occurs when we are arranging a new loan, mortgage or credit card. We are asked by every finance provider […]

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Reasons for claiming Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

By following our expert money saving tips you can protect your finances today. HERE ARE A FEW REASONS WHY YOU CAN CLAIM? If you can answer ” YES ” to any of the questions below then you may be entitled to make a claim fro mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance: Has your PPI provider been fined […]

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Payment protection Insurance (PPI) claims are up 118%

News Update The Association of British Insurers (ABI) announced that the number people claiming unemployment had risen sharply from 8,772 in November 2007 to 19,105 in January this year. The effects of this recession are now starting to have a direct impact on ordinary people who are now losing their jobs. Losing your job can […]

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Payment Premium Insurance (PPI) to be axed by the big banks

The Financial services Authority (FSA) has fined banks and lenders for the mis-selling of Payment Premium Insurance (PPI) and for failing to treat their customers fairly. Payment Protection Insurance cover (PPI) is sold to borrowers to cover them against the risk that they may not be able to pay their monthly payment on a credit […]

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Stop! Do you need Unemployment Protection? | Recession tips

During these times of economic turbulence and insecurity we all have a immense need for sickness, accident, unemployment and redundancy protection. Most of us have a mortgage, loans, credit cards, utility bills and everyday living expenses that would need to be paid if we were to lose our jobs through a redundancy, become ill or suffered […]

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How to claim Mortgage Rescue Scheme, Support Mortgage Interest and Homeowner Mortgage Support

The government has recently promoted three new schemes to help struggling homeowners that have insufficient money in savings accounts to help support their mortgage repayments when faced with a loss of income. The schemes are aimed at homeowners that may be unable to keep up their mortgage payments for one reason or another. It maybe […]

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Who Is Responsible for the Credit Card Debts?

Your Credit Card Explained When you applied for your first credit card you were probably offered a card with a £500 credit limit. Over time you found that your card provider increased your credit card limit many times. Often they increased your card without asking if you wanted an increase. After many years of using […]

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