How Will You Pay Your Interest-only Mortgage Off?

Interest-only Mortgage: Can You Pay Your Mortgage Off?

560,000 Homeowners Have An Interest-only Mortgage During the last decade more and more homeowners choose to opt for an Interest-only Mortgage as a way of affordably financing their homes as house prices increased. Lenders have in the past allowed interest-only mortgages even though most mortgage borrowers did not have a satisfactory repayment vehicle to pay […]

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Money Saving Deals | For Shoppers With Happier

Who Is Happier? Happier is a new money saving website that provides information about valid money saving deals, consumer freebies and competitions. They also provide their readership with Consumer guides, a blog and a community forum for their readers. The money saving deals from Happier   launched in September 2012 with the belief that people […]

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